Weeping Pussy Willow Tree

Common Name:
Weeping Pussy Willow

Scientific name: Salix Caprea ‘Pendula’

The Tree of Enchantment (Salix caprea ‘Pendula’) is a rare type of pussy willow.

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Weeping Pussy Willow Weeping Pussy Willow

The Weeping Pussy Willow is one of the most graceful trees on earth. The tree is connected with femininity, intuition, dreaming, enchantment, and healing.

The weeping pussy willow is truly a one of a kind Pussy Willow! This beautiful ornamental tree is trained to grow in a compact umbrella-like form so that it will be able to thrive in compact growing spaces. It grows only 6-8 feet tall and spreads about 6 feet wide. Like most other willow trees, it can be planted in wet soils in areas with full or partial sun.

The rare Weeping Pussy Willow Tree  blooms with large silvery catkins in spring that gracefully sway in the wind to bring serenity to all that gaze upon its magnificence. Once the Weeping Pussy Willow has finished blooming for the year, the branches will be covered in lush green leaves until the next year when it begins blooming all over again.

The weeping pussy willow tree is also considered to be sacred tree by religious followers, philosophers, and poets because of the flexibility of its branches. The pussy willow’s flexibility keeps the tree branches intact even during high winds. For this reason, many people also believe that the weeping pussy willow tree symbolizes strength and resilience.

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